P-Line Floroclear Fishing Line Review – A Must have line

Many anglers yearn for a line that is as easy to cast as standard mono, but are as invisible as pure fluorocarbon. P-Line develops their new Floroclear copolymer line to be a single line that exhibits the most desirable attributes from both copolymer and fluorocarbon. It’s OK. to be a single line that exhibits the most desirable attributes from both copolymer and fluorocarbon.

Many Fluorocarbon lines I have tested thus far have been excellent in terms of invisibility under water, but all have been a bit too stiff for my tastes. This is especially the case when it comes to lines between 2-6lbs. With light lines such as this you are most likely tossing the lightest of lures, and any added stiffness in the line not only reduces your casting distance and accuracy, but increases the chances of those nasty line twists.

The premise behind P-Line Floroclear’s construction was to create a copolymer core and a fluorocarbon coating to reduce visibility. In this way the P-Line engineers hoped to create an extremely manageable and effective line. The foundation of this line utilizes the very same copolymers used in other P-Line Products, but is enhanced to have even less memory.


  • Premium hybrid construction of both copolymer and a fluorocarbon coating;
  • This line is very high quality exhibiting very good results in our test;
  • You pay more for this hybrid line, but still a decent value considering the excellent quality and performance this line ensures;
  • The design of this hybrid line is well thought out. It is easy to cast and control, not many line twists to deal with at all. A very good knot strength, thanks to the copolymer;
  • This line can be used for both spinning and bait casting gear when a delicate presentation is key. the line is still considered quite strong and won’t break on you. The very best thing about the light lines is the fluorocarbon coating which makes the line appear near invisible.
  • This is one of the Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines in the market.
P-Line Floroclear Fishing Line Review - A Must have line

P-Line Floroclear Fishing Line in action

What better way to test the cast and presentation capabilities of this copolymer line then on the shy backcountry trout in the Yosemite High Country. With the recent snow melt the rivers in upper Yosemite are ultra clear, and hold many medium sized trout that survived the harsh winter.

Knot Strength

One of the main advantages of a copolymer line over pure fluorocarbon is the increased knot strength, and abrasion resistance. Pure fluorocarbon lines can often break down quickly and become brittle. We tied a variety of lures on the Floroclear including Blue Fox Vibrax, Kastmasters, and my favorite…Panther Martin spinners. The waters we tested the Floroclear in were ice cold, as the streams were basically direct runoffs from the melting snow in the nearby Sierras. In these frigid conditions the trout were exceptionally active and fought violently once hooked up. Not once during our test did a fish successfully break the line at the knot.


P-Line Floroclear Fishing Line Review - A Must have line

Casting ultralight lines can be frustrating for many anglers because of loop issues. Coupled with a small enough reel the P-Line Floroclear casts like a dream. While still slightly stiffer then some mono lines, P-Line Floroclear is probably the most manageable hybrid line I have ever fished with. With a .18mm diameter this line is considered very thin for a 4lb line, and you can fit plenty of it on even the most ultralight spinning outfits.

The Fluorocarbon coating serves a dual purpose, not only does it promote invisibility but it also prevents water absorption into the line’s core, giving the line greater casting distance and manageability. I was able to present even the smallest lures with no difficulty. When fishing in ultra clear water positioning is vital, as a single miscast can spook fish and eliminate any chance of a take.


Here is where P-Line Floroclear Fishing Line really shines. With the ability to cast like a mono line anglers now retain the advantage of a fluorocarbon coating. With a refractive index very close to that of water the Floroclear appears virtually invisible underwater…and when I say invisible I mean it!

Your lures look as if they are swimming freely in the water below. I caught over 30 fish on this last trip, a much larger number then times I have come to the same location using pure 4lb mono. Lure presentation is crucial to these shy wild trout, and this invisible line definitely helps present lures with more realism.


We fished with the 4lb P-Line Floroclear Fishing Line during the entire field test. While 2lb lines will help you cast farther with lighter lures you definitely will find yourself losing more lures, and potentially losing large fish if you try and muscle them. With 4lb line you have a little more backbone when turning these energetic fish, and still can relish the fight.

P-Line has always been known for high durability, and are often the #1 choice for Fly Fisherman when it comes to choosing strong tippet. In P-Line tradition Floroclear is extremely durable for such a thin line. When in the backcountry your lures are often inches from the bottom and your line is in constant contact with rough abrasive surfaces. At the end of the 3 day trip the entire line remained in excellent condition, and ready to tackle our next destination.


  • Fishes like a mono
  • Virtually invisible
  • Great knot strength
  • Great castability


  • Still stiffer then mono
  • Near invisible, as the copolymer core does not share the refractive index like pure fluorocarbon


The combination of a copolymer core and a flurocarbon outer layer allows anglers to benefit from the best of both worlds. In our backcountry test this hybrid line exhibited very low visibility, excellent knot strength, and accurate castability. While the ultra light lines are excellent for spinning gear, the heavier Floroclear lines are also suitable for extremely delicate baitcasting presentations as well. If your looking for a line that can offer you that extra edge you don’ have to look any farther the P-Line’s effective new hybrid Floroclear.


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